Sunday, 26 July 2015

A New Way To Survive The Holidays

I feel quite pleased with having made it throught the first week of the holidays. Sometimes I get wrapped up in the thought of being on my own with the kids and the idea that it's a struggle all the time. This week has been all about letting go of the thought of every day being a struggle and the slow realisation that it doesn't have to be. 
I'm not saying I've suddenly turned into supermum and my kids are angels,  pahahahaaa! Far, far from it. What I have realised is that I don't have to wake up each day and sigh, thinking "here we go again".

This is my holiday as much as it is theirs and I want us all to enjoy it! So, I'm filling up our holiday planner with trips and events. Crafting and cooking our way through the days before routine takes over once again. 

Here is a quick look at week one of the hols

 I found a photo of our fish as a baby
We started making paper selfies to go on the wall
I managed to start clearing the front garden of all the weeds
Beautiful cuddles with my princess

It was my Dad's birthday and we all got together for some scrummy cake
The boys nursery photos came back, all amazingly cute! 
I found an old photo of Big (Shhhh... Dont tell him!) 
My girl finding her inner strength... and my weakness! 

So that was our week. Hope you find lots of laughter and cuddles in week 2!


  1. Ah i am so impressed with all the things you have achieved during the holidays already!
    i only have one child and struggle each day and start to lose the desire to play and entertain him lol, let alone a big sibling group so I am in awe!


  2. I reckon you are going to have an awesome time these summer holidays! Enjoy them.


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