Sunday, 19 July 2015

Holiday Planner and Other Ideas

If you're anything like me, you will already be fed up of hearing "What are we doing today?" or endless pleading to go to friends houses even though they've been told a million times their friends are away. 6 weeks seemed to loom before me like an endless string of wants. I decided that maybe getting more organised could be the answer... 

With that in mind, I drew out a calendar style poster for the holidays starting from today and ending the week they all go back to/start school /nursery.

I did one of these years ago when my eldest was little. It helped him count the days until things were going to happen and it also helped me work out how many more activities I had to think up. When I think of the summer in days instead of weeks it doesnt seem so long. Don't get me wrong,  I love having them all home but at the moment the boys are all fighting a lot as they aren't used to being home together. This is why I want to get a bit more organised than normal so I can divert any unwanted behaviour towards an activity or outing.

To go with this I have written a list of places to go for day trips or to stay for a few days and things to do at home.

Places to go.

We have been invited to go camping for two nights with the childrens centre, for FREE! This will be a great break for us as I know the boys will be pretty safe with several staff to help occupy them.
There are also several events at the local centres we can take part in too. They are holding book themed activities for under 5s which are also free.

My friend who lives in Shropshire has said we can go and stay with her for a few days. She knows what the boys are like and still said we can stay. Amazing!

There is also a possibility of going to Scotland to see my inlaws for a few days at the end of August.

I really want to take my little girl to the Aquarium in Bristol. She loves watching our fish and I'm sure the boys will love it too. Will also be good on a rainy day.

We are lucky enough to have a community farm and a nature center near us which are only a few pounds to get in.

There is a dance studio in town that have circus skills for 2-5yr olds which is £5 a session.

There are also some local attractions which are free that will also burn off some excess energy! I haven't been to them before either so it will fun for all of us.

Crafts To Do. 

As our Christmas Tree was such a success, I thought we could do a summer mural on the wall too. There are lots of things to include with a beach scene like fabric kites, shiny fish, sand castles and ice cream of course!

I saw a brilliant multicoloured cloud made out of paper...

I love this so much, I thought I would try to make one out of fabric with some of the old baby clothes that are hanging about. The boys could help me with the raindrops and threading them onto the string or fishing line.

They could also make a mobile each by laminating their favourite pictures or characters.

We currently have a dull red brick shed in the garden. I have bought some magnolia paint for the back wall. Once I have painted it I will fill some water bombs with brightly coloured outdoor paint then the boys can throw them at the wall to brighten it up. A bit like this...

I also thought about making them a work book each so they have something to take to school /nursery in September. They both need practice writing their names. I thought I could put some easy puzzles in it and counting games.

The boys are a little confused over where some fruit and veg come from. I thought I could draw a tree like this and make a pin the fruit and veg game. So potatoes would go underground and apples would be in the tree.

If that doesn't keep us busy, we can always bake cakes and cookies!

Happy holidays

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  1. Wow loving your research!!!!!
    The calendar for the kids is a great idea, and i cannot believe how planned you are, where do you find the time lol


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