Sunday, 19 July 2015

How Not To Make A Stepping Stone.

While I have been planning and creating my Yurt Garden, a friend posted a "how to" video on fb for me. It was how to make a pretty stepping stone. I loved the idea and looked up some more on you tube. There are some amazing creations on there if you fancy a browse. I particularly liked the mosaic stepping stone made from broken pieces of plate. 
I had some gem stones so I thought I'd throw myself into making one for the threshold to the Yurt Garden.
Using the old fencing from the front garden, I made a frame for my stone. I lay all the stones out in the front room and spelt out "welcome" with them. I made sure I made the frame big enough to fit the word on. Once made, I filled the frame with Postcrete. I thought it would be easier than mixing my own. I put all the gem stones on the Postcrete and sprinkled water on it. It set quickly and the stones set in it well, with only one coming loose. 
I was really pleased with it and the colours of the gems looked great. I loosened the wood to set it in the ground and the whole thing broke in to pieces. I was gutted. 

I left it a couple of days before I had another idea. The boys had been given a box of playdoh. As I was about to break the box for the recycling bin I realised it would make the perfect frame for a stepping stone. This time I made a heart out of cobble stones to go in the box with a little red heart in the middle I made the postcrete thickers so it wouldn't break so easily. Wrong... This one broke as well.

Third attempt. I painted some little stones red with acrylic paint. While they were drying, I dug out a square in the gateway to the garden. I put postcrete in the hole and arranged the stones into a heart. Then I put water on to set the crete. I am happy that so far, this one has survived which is great as it's my favourite!

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  1. Love this Kat. Also great you didn't get defeated I would've given up! Xx


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