Saturday, 18 July 2015

My Baby's Last Day

There are those moments in every parents life that are an emotional milestone. Some parents may feel some are more monumental than others but they are significant check points none the less. Like hundreds of other parents, today was one of those moments. 
Today, my little Captain Chaos graduated pre school! I can't believe that he will be off to school in September. I will no longer be his main influence. 

"Miss" will know far more than I could ever aspire to. His friends will be allowed out for longer, up later, have nicer clothes, eat propa food blah, blah, blah... 

Today, the pre school class had party food for lunch. Elsa and Anna from Frozen came to visit and sing some songs with the class. The kids loved it, especially the girls! Chaos loved singing "Let it go" with them as it's one of his favourite songs. 

Then they had a little ceremony for all the children to receive their certificate and a present. They had all made hats and looked really amazing. 

I love the photo of him in this one, it's definitely one of my favourites of him. He looked so proud to be standing up to receive his certificate. He got his certificate rolled as a scroll and a book to read at home. I love his class photo with all the key workers. They really are an amazing bunch of ladies (and Pete). Luckily, I have another year before Squish Pot leaves so I dont feel too emotional about it at the moment. 

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