Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Having A Girl

This is my fourth pregnancy and it's true what they say, no two pregnancies are alike. This one is totally unlike any of the other three in all respects. I am currently 22 weeks and slow baking a disco diva by the feel of things!

After parenting boys for the last 14 years I am honestly struggling to get my head around having a girl. I suppose I just assumed we would have another boy, especially after having three. I was walking round a shop the other day and wandered into the baby section. I was looking at the girls baby clothes and realised I felt totally out of place. It felt very odd to be looking at flowery, pretty clothes in bright colours.

Maybe I have been brain washed by blues and tractors for too many years. By footballs and trackie bottoms. Diggers and fire engines. Rough and tumble. Dens and adventures.

Maybe I am about to embark on a journey I have no idea how to manage. What do you do with a girl? I can do boys, I understand that they need a certain amount of exercise in order for their brains to function normally without sudden outbursts. How do girls work? How are they different? Will I do ok with a girl? I find the boys hard at times and I'm used to them but how would I manage with a girl?

I realise these are probably just hormonal wobbles. That many women have worries about how they will cope. These are new to me as I haven't had worries like these before. I may have found it hard to imagine having another baby but not how I will cope as a Mum. I can only hope I do a good job...

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  1. You'll be amazing to your girl just like your boys! Take the same approach! And follow her lead :) she may like to rough and tumble or maybe she'll be into more careful side of things! I think you'll find she'll be more independent or maybe she'll be your little partner as mother and daughter. It's not the gender anyway, it's the individual personality and she'll be wonderful xxx


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