Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Thinking About Food...

I saw this short video on Facebook the other day and it made me think. I wanted to share it with you too. I hope you will take the time to watch it. I would be interested to hear your views too.

I have been struggling with a dilemma for a while now. Given the choice I would only buy free range, organic meat. I have trained, over the last 20 years. in how to care for animals and give them the best life possible. Even if these animals are to be used for human consumption, I feel they should have as decent a life as is possible. Why shouldn't they? 

My problem is that I have a growing family to feed. A family that enjoys having meat at most meals. In order to provide these meals for my family, I buy meat that is farmed in a way this lady is describing. I do turn a blind eye to it, almost. With every meal I make lately I wonder about where the meat came from, how it was raised and that's where I stop. I daren't think any more about it. 

I put a short video on here a while ago about the production of chickens and eggs for consumption. The whole film was awful and I found it hard to watch. My husband has a relative who ran one of these places so knew the process. He doesn't have a problem with how animals are raised and doesn't think twice about buying cheaper meat. It has caused a little friction between us in the past. We had a "discussion" about free range eggs. His argument was that they were so much more expensive for exactly the same thing and we could afford twice as many if we didn't buy free range. I do understand his points and he is right. If I didn't have a conscience and didn't care about the animals or their welfare we would afford a lot more food. 

At the moment we buy most of our meats from the local Sunday market. It isn't packaged and it is much cheaper than supermarkets. I realise how this meat is probably raised but I turn a blind eye as it is the only way we can afford to eat at the moment. 

I think I would like to gradually introduce more meat free meals into our diet. I would also like to buy free range or organic cuts of meat. I realise these will be more expensive but if  can find tasty, meat-free alternatives we could have meat less often. If you have any yummy vegetarian meal suggestions we could try I would love to hear them. We don't have a very varied menu so I am sure a lot of your suggestions will be new to us and I look forward to reading them. 


  1. I also saw this short film and it got me thinking. The problem is, our budget simply will not stretch to organic food. I don't get drawn in very easily by promises of 'farm fresh' etc in the supermarkets, I know they're out to get our business whatever the costs. I buy all our meat from the local market, it isn't organically farmed, or free range, but I am providing an income for the butchers who get out of bed early each morning to stock their market stalls, rather than lining the pockets of the supermarket giants. Surely that is a better way to do it on a budget?

    We do now eat more meat free meals, instead of chicken fajitas, I'll used a tin of mixed beans for example. Also cheese and onion pie, quorn chilli and vegetable stir fry's.

    I cannot justify the price of six free range eggs, although I can confirm they taste 100 times better than the other varieties. I try and buy eggs whilst at the market when buying my meat.

    It's such a tricky one to be conscious about where your food is coming from, with the conflicting impact on your food budget.

  2. It is really nice to think about this topic! I was also trying to buy free range. I know they are a bit pricey but with the eggs for example. The quality is better, the size and well you just feel better. I wish that I can fit free range products in my budget but we are really tight at the moment. #pocolo

  3. Organic and free range would make me broke sadly so we buy very little meat mostly having cheap sausages and starring clear of chicken all together. I have no worries as my diet is complex, but the others are not up for tinned lentils (fair dos!) eggs though I may buy a sic pack of free range if I'm on a week where eggs aren't used much other wise I'm afraid it's all about cheap :(
    I think you should get chickens you seem like a chicken lady lol xx


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