Tuesday, 5 August 2014

#BEDA Day 4

This prompt will take some thought.  Where would I like to be in ten years from now? Blimey, a lot can happen in ten years but it can also seem to fly past in the blink of an eye. 

In ten years, my boys will be 24, 13 and 12 years old.. Oh my god!! Our little girl will be ten. That is quite an odd thought as she isn't even here yet. We will have been married 15 years then too. Oh my... I will be nearly 50!! That's a very sobering thought.. Moving swiftly on.....

So what would I like to be doing in ten years? 

I hope all the kids will be settled and happy in their schools. I also hope Big will be well established in his chosen career. He wants to be an Engineer and I'm sure he will be an amazing one. He has made some brilliant things and is very talented.

In ten years I hope we are in a house that is big enough for us not to feel a bit overcrowded. I would love the kids to have their own rooms.

I would like to own our own property, whether it's on we we live in or rent out I don't know but I think it is important to have an investment for the kids.

I would hope to be physically fitter than I am now. I would also like to be working doing something I enjoy rather than something for the money. I have been lucky with my jobs so far and done many different things so I'm sure it will be something I haven't done before.

I would also like to get some of my book published. I have roughed out a few children's books so would love to get them in shops even if it means publishing them myself.

On a bit of a boring note, I would love to be debt free and have some money saved for all the kids. They all have a savings account but I haven't put anything in them for a while. 


  1. I am finding that so many of everyone's posts, are similar to mine... I guess because the majority of us are mums to our gorgeous kiddos. It's hard to save isn't it? We only just started... and being debt free is a boring but lovely dream :)


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