Tuesday, 13 January 2015

My Three Things

Confessions of a Single Parent Pessimist

I think I have missed a few weeks of My 3 Things due to being dragged down by the lurgy and the kids being unwell. I havent blogged at all actually so it is really good to be back at the keyboard. 
This week's utterly pants things

I am typing this lying on a hospital bed as my gorgeous baby girl is unwell. We came in on Sunday night as she was struggling to breathe and feed properly. Since then she has been on controlled feeds and in an oxygen box. Thankfully she has picked up enough so far to go home tomorrow so fingers crossed. 

Due to the above I have had no sleep to speak of since Friday night, so I'm feeling a smidge tired now! 

Things I could improve 

This is a bit of an abnormal week but I want to take better care of myself generally. I don't sleep enough or eat properly so I would like to change that. It will be especially important when we leave hospital too. 

Things that went fabulously 

Watching your child when they are ill is awful at the best of times but when their breathing is affected too it is even worse. I am quite pleased that I have managed to keep it together fairly well given the lack of sleep. 
I am also glad that I managed to converse and organise care for all the children with their Dad. It has been a bit awkward at times but on the whole we have just got on with it. 

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  1. Not an easy week but you've done so well, both of you it does take a lot to shove things behind you and think straight when still you've been split not long, shows how much you care for your little ones :) been thinking of you lots and little one xxx


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