Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Knowing Me, Knowing You Meme

I was tagged in this Meme by the lovely Shay  from Shay and Family. I have been blogging here since March this year and I LOVE it! I love reading new blogs and finding out what other people enjoy reading on my blog. I have learnt how to make buttons and badges, join linkys and make my own, read HTML codes and almost understand them! Here is a bit more info about lil ole me...

The Rules

Nominate five other bloggers in your post (All must have less than 250 subscribers)
Post five random facts about yourself
Answer the five questions that the tagged has asked you, then list your own five questions to ask others
Let your five friends know you have tagged them by commenting on their blog/tweeting them

My Five Random Facts

1. I have walked 84 miles along the Kennet and Avon Canal for Sport Relief
2. I would like to have a little girl but have absolutely no desire to go through another pregnancy
3. I HATE being cold. I have Raynauds Disease and it is agony so I try to avoid getting cold if I can
4. I hardly ever drink so can get a bit messy on a pint, easily!
5. I burnt my left eye looking at the sun when I was little so I have a blind spot in that eye (Idiot, yes I know)

Five Questions I Was Asked

1. Do you have a nickname? If so, what is it and how did it come about? 
My maiden name was Gomme so I was called Gommie Bear at school. I recently found out this is my cousins nickname too!
2. If you could eat only one thing for a whole week, what would you choose?
As much as I would love to say Haribo, I think I would go with pizza as you don't get that icky sugar overload with Pizza and it is a tiny bit more nutritional.
3. What is your biggest 'pet peeve'?
Ummm... I don't really know. There are lots of things that irritate me like empty packets in the cupboard, hair in the bath and toe nails on the floor. The thing I hate most has to be WET SOCKS. I hate getting wet socks from spills on the floor. I can't stand it so I have to change my socks straight away. Weirdly, I don't mind wet feet. Odd that.
4. What's your favourite item of clothing that you own and why?
Has to be my fleecy pj bottoms from Tesco. They were £6 and THE most comfy troos in the whole world. I have just bought a new pair as my old ones stretched during pregnancy and are getting a bit thin.
5. You have the means to travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
Hmmm... Tricky one this. My lovely school friend in NZ has just had her first baby and I would love to go over and meet the gorgeous little chap. Would love to see where she lives too!
I would also love to go and visit more of Africa as it is such an amazing place and I loved it so much. It was like going home, I can't explain it but it is felt by most people who have been. It gets inside you. Amazing place.

Five People I'm Tagging

Five Questions For Them To Answer

1. What do you love most about your fabulous self?
2. What is your most favourite film and snack of choice?
3. If you had a day to yourself how would you spend it? ( with unlimited funds!)
4. Name three things that make you smile no matter what (naming kids is cheating, they aren't things!)
5. Describe your happiest day (other than getting married or having kids)


  1. Lovely to find out more about you! :)

    1. Thanks Sonya! I was going to tag you but you're just too dang popular! xxx

  2. Great answers :) Thanks for joining in and mentioning me <3 x


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